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Whether you are:

  • Eager to own and grow a great business but not sure where to go from here.
  • Thinking of selling and want to maximise your potential return.
  • Looking to build a champion team to allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  • Exploring your succession or exit strategy.

…the steps to do so are very similar and
also very achievable.


Looking for a Melbourne business coach?


So you have decided to look into how a Melbourne business coach can assist you in your business. That’s great news, I’d love to know what bought you to this point?


Perhaps you’re sick and tired of going around in circles and not achieving the success you should be for the time and effort you’re putting in.


Maybe you’re happy with your progress to this point but looking to improve a few shortcomings to allow the business to take another leap.


There are a multitude of scenarios as to why you might seek out a Melbourne business coach and I reckon I have seen and heard them all over the years, but one thing is for certain, business owners that employ a creditable third party advisor such as a business coach, consultant or mentor, get great results.


Business coach even before there was a name for it.


When I started out facilitating strategic planning workshops and goal setting seminars back in the late 80’s the phrase “business coach” hadn’t even been born. (See early video here). It’s a very different story today and has the term has become common place in business circles. In fact many well known business leaders and entrepreneurs swear by the strategy, making statements such as “it’s no longer a luxury, but a necessity” and, “accountability is the key to consistent growth, get a coach/mentor and get accountable”. As a result, the number of “Business Advisors” or “Business Coaches” in Melbourne has increased dramatically.


Look out for con artists and charlatans.


In the main growth has been good for the coaching industry, but like anything where there is good there is also bad. As I said earlier, by employing a third party adviser you can expect to get great results, but of course only if they are creditable, so choose wisely.


What should I look out for when researching? These questions are the basic ones but imperative all the same, when deciding on the right Melbourne Business Coach for your business.


Have they built successful businesses in the past?


This is important because you won’t commit fully to coaching if you don’t have the confidence knowing that the person telling you what to do has had similar experiences.


How many years coaching experience do they have?


Even if they have built a successful business in the past that doesn’t mean they can coach.  Believe it or not it takes a certain skill set and temperament to be successful at coaching. How many Melbourne businesses have they worked with and for how long?


What do their past and present clients say.


Don’t just read the testimonies on a website, speak to clients personally. Go back at least 5 years and talk to their ex-clients as well. This is very important as it indicates longevity in the industry and not fly-by- night operators. Any creditable Melbourne Business Coach will be more than happy to share their history and experience with you.


If you’d like to know more about anything I have said here or would like to read the full document on “How to choose a creditable business coach, consultant or mentor”, please fill in the contact form on this page with your request.
Otherwise I wish you and your businesses future all the best.


Happy hunting
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